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What inspires your mixtape collection?

What would inspire your mixtape? Would it be special or memorable moments in your life? Perhaps it would be your favourite bands? Would it be the people that have passed through your life: the friendships, loves and lessons learnt? Or maybe, like me, it would be all of the above, and more.

The mixtape concept is the inspiration for Kalai’s debut clothing line, which is on it’s way as we speak. It’s a collection of basic shapes made for accessorising, personalising, mixing up however you like, however inspires you.

I grew up in the days when giving someone a mixtape was the ultimate way to show them how much you cared. It revealed what life meant to you in music, what the person receiving that tape meant to you and it defined a period in time. You could play that mixtape years down the track and that particular set of songs would bring memories flooding back as clear as the day that tape came to you.

I still have mixtapes. I don’t have a cassette player. A digital playlist is the next best thing nowadays, but somehow the mixtape holds a tangible appeal. A thing to have and to hold, a thing that bears the heart and soul of the person who made it for you.

We called our debut clothing line the Mixtape Collection because it will define this moment for Kalai; our first ethical range to kick off a long-play that upholds ethical practices and the sustainable employment of women in South India.

Like the first track of a mixtape, the one that sets the scene, the one that carries the most meaning for the maker, there is a lot of heart and soul in this range for us. This is our Mixtape for you.

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