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Kalai supports Surf for Life

Kalai is now proud to announce we are supporting Surf for Life, a youth program aimed at improving future prospects for at-risk kids in Gisborne, New Zealand, through surfing. It’s a program that resonates with us on a couple of levels. First because my partner is a surfer who was born and raised in Gisborne, and we have family there. And second, because we did the same thing for kids in Cuba, and we know how powerful this kind of program can be, given the support. You can read about our Cuban experience here.

As you know, Kalai was started with the ethos of working to support humanity and the planet, and when we started this business, it was always with the intention of giving back to society in some way.

We recently travelled to Gisborne on the pristine east coast of the north island of New Zealand to visit family. While we were there we learnt of the Surf for Life program run by Gisborne Boardriders. While Gisborne’s coastline is arguably unrivalled in its rugged beauty and abundance of awesome waves, the amount of kids whose lives are enriched by their surroundings is much less than you would expect.

Surf for Life’s container at Midway Beach painted as part of Sea Walls

Beneath Gisborne’s beautiful surface lie some serious social issues: economic inequality, alcohol and drug problems and anti-social behaviour. The youth is especially affected and has the country’s highest rate of risk for poor outcomes, including jail time.

Recognising the need to break this cycle, the club’s surfing development manager Florian Bub created the Surf for Life program to uplift school-aged children through surfing, as well as contribute positively to the Gisborne community.

So between now and April 2019, we are backing Flo’s crusade by donating 10 percent of sales from our Love Shack Surf Club collection of organic cotton blankets to the Surf for Life program to give Gisborne’s at-risk youth the chance for a healthier future through surfing. The money will help the program, which relies heavily on volunteers and donations, to buy surfboards and wetsuits, stage comps and keep the program going to help as many kids as possible and, by turn, benefit the community at large.

We’ll write more about the program and how its going in future posts, so stay tuned!

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