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Waves of change

Devi beach/picnic blanket

We love our beachside location on Sydney’s beautiful northern beaches and firmly believe in doing our part for the preservation and protection of the beaches and oceans we call our playground.

But we’ve started to notice more and more that our morning runs, surf sessions and beach hangs are marred by the sight of rubbish washing ashore, tangled up in seaweed and littering the walkways: plastic bags and Styrofoam; cigarette butts; plastic straws; balloons; coffee-cup lids; takeaway containers – you name it. We rarely leave without delivering handfuls of rubbish to the beachside bins on the way home.

We feel strongly about doing something more to save our seas and, just as we stand by our motto of ethical, sustainable and handmade products to reduce waste and better the human condition, we believe the message of conscious consumerism extends much further.

Events such as the plastic-free and sustainability focused Byron Bay Surf Festival, taking place 22 to 25 February, brings ocean-lovers together to not only showcase and support surf culture, but importantly, also “to move towards a more sustainable and regenerative industry and lifestyle… and have a good time doing it!”

And that’s our opportunity do a little more. We’ll be at the festival on Saturday 24 February with our ethical, sustainable, handmade products on offer. We’ll also be launching a very special promotion to highlight the importance of protecting our ocean environment from further pollution. Come and say hi, and you could win something awesome – watch this space in the coming weeks for more information!

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