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So we’re experiencing something of and Indian summer here in Sydney, and I for one, am pretty happy about it! Mind you, autumn in Sydney is beautiful; not too cold, not too hot and the surroundings abound with the auburn tones of the season. The beach still beckons, and the ocean is never warmer than it is right now.

I know we Sydneysiders look forward to the change of seasons. We have this calling to slip into a wintry wardrobe of boots, big knits, scarves and beanies (even though, in all honesty, the weather doesn’t call for it!), but we say make the most of the warm days while they remain.

So before it’s time to close those toes, enjoy the extended warmth in our gorgeous leather sandals. They are handmade and hand-stitched using traditional shoemaking techniques by village craftsmen in Delhi.

Clockwise from top left: Kali, Aja, Pico, Bluebell and Beatnik

We’ve taken the classic Kolhapuri chappal and given it a contemporary spin. The Pico sandal is named for the peaks on its intricate hand-stitched pattern, while the Bluebell sandal also features hand stitching on the natural cotton fringing – super-cute and unique! The Beatnik sandal is a classic that captures a boho vibe, where the Kali sandal takes the Beatnik to minimalist heights. And finally, the Aja sandal, our latest addition to the range, is sleek and perfect for all seasons. I pair them with jeans, workwear and even take ‘em to the beach.

The good news is that they’ll all be available this Sunday, March 25, at Palm Beach Market, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches! You’ll find us there with all our ethical, sustainable, handmade products and with every purchase you’ll go into our draw to win a custom single fin surfboard shaped by Misfit Shapes from a blank that was heading for landfill. See you there!


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