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    To market we go

    Aja: it’s another name for Hindu god Shiva, destroyer of evil. Also, of a prince of the Ikshvaku dynasty in Hindu mythology. Aja is an Orisha, the spirit of the forest, the animals within it and herbal healers. She is a patron of the forest and all the animals within it. So with all this powerful meaning behind the name, we felt it was fitting for the latest addition to our ethical, handmade range created using sustainable practices. The Aja sandal is a toe-loop slide for all seasons. Handmade in India using traditional practices, in leather that’s vegetable tanned and ethically made, we reckon it’s the perfect sandal to take…

  • eco-conscious,  Ethical fashion,  Featured,  Lifestyle,  sustainable fashion,  Travel

    The ultimate summer wardrobe essential

    There are few pieces of clothing that have spanned thousands of years and yet still evoke a sense of the exotic, the bohemian and carefree more than the kaftan. A traditional garment of the Middle East and North Africa, its popularity is widespread and ever evolving. It’s a piece that isn’t defined by fashion seasons, it’s flattering on pretty much any body (one size fits all), and can be worn for anything from floating about while entertaining at home, languorous summer lunches or as a breezy beach cover-up. It’s believed that the kaftan originated in Ancient Mesopotamia. And later, during Ottoman times, it was a luxury garment, usually made from…

  • eco-conscious,  Ethical fashion,  Featured,  Lifestyle,  sustainable fashion

    Kick back ’cause it’s summertime

    Gorgeous hand-stitched piecework and cute tassels around the edge make the Palm kaftan one of our favourite summer accessories. This light, sheer cotton kaftan is perfect for throwing over your swimmers and feels extra-cool for supporting the craft of the women artisans in Kolkata who made them and stitched them. We’ll be adding the Palm kaftan and its sisters, the coral pink-detailed Jaipur kaftan and the pristine white-detailed Sita kaftan to the shop very soon, so make sure to keep checking in! Save

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