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Soap nuts: the lowdown

Soap nuts – what in the blazes are they? Here’s the lowdown.

They’re the pretty amazing fruit of the Sapindus Mukorossi tree, which is part of the lychee family. Why are these berries so awesome? They are a totally natural, chemical-free, completely biodegradable way to wash your clothes! And we highly recommend washing your Ayurvastra Avani towels with them to preserve the life of the medicinal plant infusions in the organic cotton towels.

The Avani organic cotton towel in Turmeric, coloured and infused with 12 types of turmeric, red sandalwood, neem and 82 other type of medicinal plants.

Soap nuts are actually berries that contain a natural detergent called saponin which is extracted when agitated or heated in hot water, creating soap-like suds. Since they are completely natural and highly sustainable, they are kind to the skin and to the planet.

We’re giving away soap nut samples with every sale of our Avani collection of Ayurvastra towels. Find out more about them by checking out this post at 1 Million Women for the pros and cons about soap nuts and this five-minute video for how useful soap nuts can be.

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