Skin: A Love Story

SKIN: A Love Story is a visual campaign to encourage us all to wear our skin with pride, in all its perfect imperfections.

How many of us can easily say: “I am comfortable in my own skin”? It’s a lifelong learning process to get there: does anyone ever get there, ever? On the day we are born, our learning journey begins – from the fundamental human functions of eating and sleeping, to navigating the most complex existential quandaries in adulthood.

As each day passes, this tale of learning is written on our skin, in the language of scars, blemishes, injuries, lumps and bumps. We’re inclined, sometimes forced by society, media  and our own insecurities, to hide and disguise this narrative, but this is the most important and empowering story we can tell.

Our skin speaks of life, love, loss, pleasure and pain. All our tales are different and to love that story, to realise it’s what shapes us, physically and emotionally, is to wear our skin with pride. No body is perfect. But every body’s story is worth telling.

All Kalai products are perfectly imperfect and made to be kind to the skin. We use ayurvedic formulations in the creation of our towels and organic fibres and colours in the production of our blankets.

SKIN: A Love Story is our way to proudly tell our stories and to treat yours with care.

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