Avani ‘Pushpam’ beach towel


Our Avani ‘Pushpam’ ayurvastra beach towel is raw, rustic, handwoven and hand-dyed using over 100 medicinal flowers and plants. Perfect for eco-warriors and beach lovers. As is the nature of handmade products, each towel is unique in its variations and beautiful imperfections.

  • Size: 190cm x 80cm (approx – size may vary slightly due to being handmade)
  • dyed using 12 types of tulsi, the
    10 sacred medicinal flowers of Kerala collectively known as dasapushpam, vetiver grass and 128 other types
    of medicinal plants.
  • 100% handloomed organic cotton
  • Lightweight and quick-drying
  • Sand-repellent
  • Made in India using ethical, sustainable practices

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The fertile soil and temperate climate in the southern Indian state of Kerala is known for growing medicinal plants used in the ancient healing practice of Ayurveda. Using the same principles, handloom weavers in Kerala created this unique Ayurvastra towel – “ayur’ meaning health and “vastra” meaning cloth. Ayurvastra fabric is believed to impart restorative benefits to the body and deliver an overall feeling of wellbeing. Our Avani collection begins with unadulterated organic cotton, which is spun into yarn and then handloomed. The fabric is dyed in a carefully controlled formulation of medicinal herbs and plants that impart both natural colour and specific health benefits. The fabric is free of synthetic chemicals and toxic irritants, and kind to sensitive skin. To look after your towel try washing it with soap nuts.

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