Our Story – Part One

Our Story – Part one, We all have a story to tell, a starting point that inspired us to become what we are today, what we do today and what we teach our kids for their future.

Ours is just like everyone else’s, but with just a little twist.

It’s a story of a far away island.

It’s a story of robbery, CIA espionage.

It’s a story of a small family with a 15-month-old baby taking on a world superpower, a communist regime and winning for both surfing and ocean conservation.

This story is the foundation for a big part of what Kalai stands for today.

To break it down, we went to Cuba in 2011 to get more kids in the ocean to experience the magic of surfing, and we left a month later with a passion for cleaning up our oceans and the environment.

In 2012 we made a short film summarising what that trip taught us and how it changed us…

Our Story - Part One | An Ethical, Sustainable, Handmade Label | kalai

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