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Mixtape X You – the freedom to express yourself

If you’ve been following Kalai from the beginning, you’ll know that we’re fans of a good social empowerment campaign. Our latest venture is all about girl power and giving you the freedom to express yourself in our clothes – it’s “Mixtape X You”.

Kalai X Bowie. Model wears our Mixtape cami.

Kalai X You is an extension of the campaign for our soon-to-be-released Mixtape summer collection, featuring fun little playsuits, cool cami tops and cute summer dresses.

We’re taking the role of “brand ambassador”, but giving our gals the freedom to express herself and show us how and where they’d wear our pieces. At Kalai, we don’t believe that fashion is for some and not others, or that it belongs a box designed by marketers for the chosen few. We’re all for wearing it how you want, where you want and caring for the story behind it.

Brand ambassador to us means someone who genuinely lives as an individual, who doesn’t subscribe to the run of the mill, who doesn’t need to be told how to fit a product into their way of life, it just does because that’s who they are.

Playsuit hard or go home. Model wears our Mixtape playsuit.

The only directives we have for our brand ambassadors are to be genuinely aligned with our passion for ethical, sustainable fashion, be individual and to just be you.

Watch this space for more details coming soon!

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