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Join the Fashion Revolution

April 24, 2018 marks the fifth anniversary of one of the largest industrial disasters in human history. The collapse of the Rana Plaza complex in Bangladesh, where factory workers were crammed into structurally unsafe buildings to manufacture garments for some of the world’s biggest fashion brands, claimed 1138 lives and injured more than 2500 factory workers. The victims were mainly young women.

It was the wake-up call that we shouldn’t have needed, but it became the long-overdue catalyst for a revolution. Fashion Revolution Week begins April 23 and has in the five years since its inception by UK fashion designers, Carry Somers and Orsola de Castro, become the largest fashion activism movement in the world.

Fashion Revolution Day, April 24, will commemorate the day of the heartbreaking disaster, but globally, for the whole week we are urged to ask, “who makes my clothes?”. Transparency is the first step towards change and since Fashion Revolution began, a real revolution is gaining rapid momentum.

We are all consumers of fashion. Like food and shelter it’s a necessity. We are also custodians of this planet. Make Fashion Revolution Week your springboard to greater awareness about how, what, where and by who the clothes you wear are made. Check out Fashion Revolution and learn more about the #whomademyclothes campaign that runs over the week. Be part of the change for fashion that values the safety of people, the planet and profits all equally and fairly.

Kalai dresses in the making at an ethical production centre in Kerala, South India



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