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Because we care about people, women’s empowerment, the preservation of the planet, the sustainability of our environment and of livelihoods, and making a meaningful impact, we feel it’s important to give back.

Kalai is still in the infant stages of development, we are learning as we go, but we want to start as we mean to go on – with a spirit of generosity, kindness and compassion. So, every three months or so, we would like to offer a gift pack of Kalai goodies to someone who deserves to feel special.

We are all surrounded by those who are struggling in one way or another. Our fast lives don’t always allow us to connect on a human level as much as we would have a few decades ago. When was the last time you dropped around to visit a friend unannounced? Or shared a plate of food with your neighbor? Or called instead of texting? Or learnt about or shared a life event through conversation rather than social media? Our lives are convenient now, there’s no debating that, but being digitally connected means we often miss the life that’s unfolding right in front of us. We feel it’s important now more than ever to show curiosity, concern and care for those around us.

If you know someone who is doing it tough, who could do with the heartwarming smile of receiving a gift out of the blue, someone that deserves a little love, email us a You don’t have to give us reasons why you have nominated your recipient for the gift, the only essential information we’d need are their name and address. We’ll randomly choose a name every three months and send them a surprise pack of ethical, sustainable, handmade Kalai goodies from you. Because it’s cool to care.



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