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    Who the hell is Tiarnie?

    Sydney’s latest music sensation is a girl, her guitar and band playing infectiously melodic rock’n’roll riffs against powerfully visceral lyrics. Singer-songwriter Tiarnie embodies raw, honest storytelling with heart-bursting emotion. We all have tracks that define moments in our lives. It’s a playlist comprising songs that have touched our hearts at just the right times and brought us to our knees, fist pumped in gratitude for the recognition of our pleasure and pain. This fresh-faced twentysomething is already wise beyond her years. She has lived a lifetime in her songs that perfectly unite kick-arse melodies with rock’n’roll attitude. She sings of our life and she plays it loud. Who the hell…

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    Soap nuts: the lowdown

    Soap nuts – what in the blazes are they? Here’s the lowdown. They’re the pretty amazing fruit of the Sapindus Mukorossi tree, which is part of the lychee family. Why are these berries so awesome? They are a totally natural, chemical-free, completely biodegradable way to wash your clothes! And we highly recommend washing your Ayurvastra Avani towels with them to preserve the life of the medicinal plant infusions in the organic cotton towels. Soap nuts are actually berries that contain a natural detergent called saponin which is extracted when agitated or heated in hot water, creating soap-like suds. Since they are completely natural and highly sustainable, they are kind to…

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    Kalai supports Surf for Life

    Kalai is now proud to announce we are supporting Surf for Life, a youth program aimed at improving future prospects for at-risk kids in Gisborne, New Zealand, through surfing. It’s a program that resonates with us on a couple of levels. First because my partner is a surfer who was born and raised in Gisborne, and we have family there. And second, because we did the same thing for kids in Cuba, and we know how powerful this kind of program can be, given the support. You can read about our Cuban experience here. As you know, Kalai was started with the ethos of working to support humanity and the…

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